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Sophos: Cereal Virus Pack Mailer


A lead generation campaign designed to inform

retailers of the growing threat that cyber criminals
pose to their business.

Original cereal pack idea by Rod Kavanagh.
Client approval coincided with Rod's well earned summer break. It was left with me to art direct, create the characters, scenarios and titles, along with copywriter Ravi.
Design and artwork was then lovingly crafted by
Rachel Wynn.



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Concepts for Ingram Micro and Sungard.

Concept for Symantec;
Virtual & Physical Backup solution.
Opens with the reflection of a businessman in an office block window.
The 'physical' man walks into shot and merges with his reflection.
Ends with a light 'Harry Worth' moment. ('Google' him kids)!



Ideas for GEC
student training
(The frog was
inherited from
a previous




Ideas for CIO
invitation DMs.
Suggested themed activities included;
Sea fishing,
a Spitfire flight,
a western town shoot out and a
trip to Portmeirion.


Winning pitch ideas for a vodka drinks account. The container was made of brushed aluminium, which apparently helped keep the drink chilled for longer.




E commerce space station.jpg

One of several ideas to promote the launch a of an e-commerce

The brief was; 'Futuristic and spacey'!

More concepts for Sungard.

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