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I've considerable experience in the creative industry as an art director, visualiser, designer, storyboard artist and long time iIlustrator, for a global client base.

I've had the pleasure to have worked with major talents including;

David Pelham, Paul McCartney, Felix Dennis, Brian Brolly, Storm Thorgerson,
Po (Aubrey Powell), and Pete Christopherson at Hipgnosis, Rick Wakeman,
Jon Anderson, Silver Sun, John Pasche and Mike Viola, to name-drop but a few), plus a whole host of young and emerging creative stars.
My passion for the creative challenge is constant and undiminished.


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Art student and wannabe

album cover designer.
'Never got work with ELP
or Mark Bolan/T.Rex, but the Cat Stevens artwork, (top left), ended up on a fanzeen and t shirt for
Cat's official fan club...
It's a start, right?!

Art school.jpg
TREX Stipple.jpg
Jeff youth club.jpg
Cat Stevens book.jpg
Teaser Cat and the Firecat.jpg
Harvest sketch.jpg
jeff self portrait.jpg
Edward Woodward.jpg

Self portrait sketched after school, aged 11. (Beatle haircut).

Kenny Everett.jpg
Tommy Cooper.jpg

As a schoolboy I would draw or paint my heroes from TV and radio and send the artwork off to them and asked if they would sign and return to artworks. To my surprise they always obliged!

Tommy Cooper card.jpg
Teaser Cat and the Firecat_Gif3.gif

Tommy Cooper returned my portrait of him and added a little thank you card, which was an extra treat for me!

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