Character design/development for:

DJ Jonathan Ulysses, Ringo Starr,
Faith shoes, Marlboro Classics and
Sophos (Twogether) Scroll down for more.
Bear Faced Spies, Sid the Squid 
and Fish-Eyed Len

©2005 Jeff Cummins

Character design/development for: Marlboro Classics. (MCS).

The brief: To breath life into their brand 'Rider' character.

Cereal characters_2.jpg

Vector characters designed for:
Sophos DM 'breakfast cereal' packaging.
(See 'Concepts' page).


Camelot gaming characters.

Turbo sketch.jpg

Character sketch and illustration for Herbie Bazooka, football legend.

featured in Martin Waddell's best seller, 'Cup Final Kid'. (Walker Books).

Train cartoon.jpg

Characters designed for clothings companies in London,
Taiwan and New Zealand.

Baseball kid.jpg
Colour Me Crazy.jpg