Showreel (Twogether and Beyond)


Year of production: 2014-15.  ©Twogether / Jeff Cummins

Running Time: 1:57min

Art direction/concept and artwork by Jeff Cummins

Scripted by Rod Hirsch and Glenn Carey.

(Additional art direction by Mark Fennell).

Animated by motion designers Arjen Buenk, Jake Whiteman

and Bertan Cakgoz.
Music: Free, if a tad annoying!

Doctor Who Target Artwork Exhibition


Year of production: 2016 © Doctor Who Fan Show


Short film by the Doctor Who Fan Show;
reporting on the Target artwork exhibition at London's Cartoon Museum. Interviews with Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffet, Terrance Dicks... also artists;  Andrew Skilleter, Chris Archilleos and Jeff Cummins.

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Thus far...


With rough and all unable pen, our bending artist hath pursued the animatic.
In little room, confining mighty men, mangling by starts photoshop in the attic.

©2018 Jeff Cummins, Music © Supertramp (with apologies) x

Xmas No.1 Single


Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 4.34 mins

Concept, Artwork, and Music, (speaking of annoying), by Jeff Cummins 

Animated by motion designer Jake Whiteman
©2011 Jeff Cummins

Going Underground


© 2012 Jeff Cummins
Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 28 seconds

Concept, Artwork: Jeff Cummins 

Animated by motion designer Jake Whiteman

Going Underground is a collection of, as yet,

unpublished cartoons reflecting my recent
experiences as a commuter through London.


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 15 seconds

Concept/Artwork: Jeff Cummins 

Animated by motion designer Arjen Buenk
©2013 Jeff Cummins