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Client: Hitachi
Brief:   Create a low budget,
team building event, to tie in
with the Hitachi 'Think Big' reseller campaign.


Solution:   Small teams of resellers are invited to
compete against the clock
and score points, using
oversized props to complete
their tasks. (Giant chopsticks challenge, Jenga and Origami).

As the scores are calculated
and added to the leaderboard, the team view a short campaign video, followed by a martial arts demonstration. The winners are whisked off to posh Japanese restaurant, Benihana. Yum.


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Poster designs reflecting
key selling points.


Hitachi reseller event concept.

Brief: To create a low budget event, in association with Hamleys Toy Store.

My solution: A Direct Mail VIP Invitation
to resellers, offering the entire Hamleys store, exclusively, at their disposal, (closed to the public), for several hours, to shop at their leasure, and at a discounted rate. Preceded by sales pitch, nibbles and drinks! A successful event.


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