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GG cafe barber proofs_edited.jpg
GG bar proof.jpg

At the Bar. Test proof before completion.

(Original artworks now for sale)

Piano Player.jpg
GG Cafe.jpg

In the bad days before I knew any better, I created several press ads for Copartners in Germany. Client: Golden Gate. The agency wanted 'Rockwell', which was right up my Straße, but they were very strict on composition and content. Generally; two young people smoking their heads off, and usually an old fella 'admiring' the ladies. So, smoking and sexism rolled into one...well, roll-up! I got to choose and shoot the models though, with help of then agent Paul.

(Original artworks now for sale)

Golden Gate_Bar_LowR.jpg
Golden Gate_Pianist.jpg
GG cafe barber proofs_edited.jpg
choc ad.jpg
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