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Bruce Lee & Felix Dennis

My first professional commission was for Felix Dennis and his magazine Kung Fu Monthly. A massive Bruce Lee fan, I sent a photo of this artwork (right) to the magazine, and Felix ran it as a poster offer. I repeated the process and so did he...
And so it began!

Bruce Lee Dragon2.jpg

My painting technique was pretty raw back then, but I think the enthusiasm and ambition was kicking and screaming!

Next: TV SCI-FI Monthly...

Bruce photo.jpg
Bruce Nans_20.jpg
Bruce Lee Kick2.jpg
Bionic Man Poster Scan_Small.jpg

I'm kind of well known for my Doctor Who covers for Target books,

but again it all started with Felix and this back cover for TV SCI-FI!

A few years, album covers and Target Books later, I was back with Felix and this time Adam Ant. My technique had tightened up and was now far more detailed.

Adam Ant Trio.jpg
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