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Rod Hirsch  Copywriter


Jeff Cummins is too modest for his own good. Thinker, illustrator, art director, Jeff can turn his hand to a wide variety of challenges. Every time I've had the pleasure of working with this talented, gifted artist, he's added bright ideas, deft touches and interesting twists to help each script come to life. Believe me, in tech marketing, that takes some doing - but Jeff just takes it in his stride. Try him on a run of the mill project, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised; then give him something he can get his teeth into, and book your table at the awards.




Glenn Carey  Copywriter

Everyone can see that Jeff is an excellent illustrator, capable of many styles. What some don't know is that he's also a great creative thinker with the ability to transform the driest of messaging into entertaining, attention-grabbing visuals.

I love working with Jeff on concepts and video storyboards. He's clever and talented.

Luke Montgomery

Digital Marketing Consultant at Lucrative


Jeff is such a great character to work with. As a young Account Exec, he took the time to explain things through and kept me on my toes with the odd curve ball. Wicked sense of humour, beautiful illustrations
and very easy to work with. Creative and adaptable, I miss working with this chap.

                                                           (July 7, 2014, Luke worked directly with Jeff at Twogether. Linkedin)


Fiona Maddocks
Author of 'Twentieth Century Classical Music'


Your illustrations really are so fabulous and clever and funny, and also full of things I hadn’t noticed before. 

I’ve shown them to serious music friends and they are mighty impressed, as well as laughing out loud (in the right places).

Can’t thank you enough and any success the book has will be entirely down to your brilliance. Just hope the words vaguely match up….


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