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Three-part teaser direct mail project.


Having recently relocated to the north west, I wanted to introduce myself to a handful of nearby agencies, in and around Chester.

I came up with three-part teaser direct mail idea;

Step One: A rustic package, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. Inside; a single baseball boot with a card attached, entitled; 'Step One; A foot in the door', with a line diagram of the boot.

Step Two: The other boot, this time unlaced, wrapped as before, with card entitled; 'Step Two: Pair up' The boot diagram labels
point out the qualities of the classic product and that of the creative.

Step Three: The shoebox, (again wrapped in brown paper and string), containing the missing lace attached to final card, entitled; 'Step Three: Converse. (Tie up the loose ends)'. This card includes my contact details.

A fantastic response from the one agency who responded!

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Brilliant feedback from Stu Williams at deWinter:

"The idea, the attention to detail and the execution has been amazing and probably the best we’ve ever seen. 
The whole office has been eagerly awaiting the next instalment, which we finally got through today.
You’ve certainly made an impact and something we won’t forget in a hurry, In fact I’ll probably be talking about this mailer for many years to come!"








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